SweetFix™ Cables


So, what the heck is 'SweetFix™' and why should I be interested?



This is an idea I had back in 1969.  'Low Impedance' signal paths are great for lengthy cable-runs, delivering a 'healthy' relatively noise-free signal from 'the source' (High Impedance electric guitar) to the 'High Impedance' input stage of the guitar amp.

However, lo-impedance creates a 'Bright & Deep' sound (which is OK if you prefer 'margerine'........... boring!??)
All the original 'Sweet Harmonics' & 'Punchy Bottom End' have been translated into a less interesting sound.

A SweetFix lead restores all these 'sweet & buttery' harmonics & punch back into the 'Hi-Imp' domain just before the 'signal-path' enters your Hi-Imp Amp.  "Et Voilá my little cabbages", back comes 'That!! Sound' with the furrowed-pout that all guitarists share just prior to self combustion!

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