In order to preserve anonymity, some names may have been withheld or changed, no other editing has been applied to the genuine statements as reproduced below.  If there are any edits, then it has been done without my express consent or knowledge.

You do your best to build some credibility over 30 odd years and this is what happens!
- Mark.

"'Rusty', as I call him, has to be the strangest man I know in all of Christendom, he completely forgot that he had a third floor at home for 13 years, but when it comes to getting the best 'Drang' from my axe, he's the main man without any question!
May your stair-lift ever reach the top floor, mate!"

- Derek Durrant, lead guitar, RE-LOADED & FRIENDS OF THE BLUES.

"'Excellent Service!  Mark has offered valuable advice and performed almost every conceivable job on my guitars.  He's done set ups; shielding; replacement pickups and re-frets, all to the very best standards and in the agreed timeframe.  I recommend him."
- Steve Hayes, guitarist, JUMP.

"Just a note to say "You Are The Man"!
Excellent work on the guitar - it played like a dream and I only snapped one string (and that was when I did a split scissor kick)!  So I may be losing my nickname of Snappa."
- Steve Heyes, guitarist, TRENCHTOWN.

"It is a delight to use my guitars after Mark has applied some TLC.  When I play I feel real confidence that my instruments are on song even if I'm not!  His 'case-side' manner is impecable.  Thanks for the 'Nifty', Mark.
- Vaughan Williams, guitarist, TRENCHTOWN.

"Always a thoroughly professional job, a craftsman who understands his trade. Difficult to imagine using anyone else!"
- Bob Lang, guitarist, FRIENDS OF THE BLUES.

"It's far too early to get me to say anything sensible for F**k's sake ...
Wus the time anyway?"
- La-La-Lasty, bass guitar.

"Frankly, I was appalled!  All I asked for was a Flintstone and Upset and all I got was a load of scorn and derision from him and his rotten mates.  Then they threw me out the door completely naked in mid-winter, which was a fair shout I suppose, because I certainly was Upset ..."
- Benny Tadman, air guitar, TUFTY & THE BED-WETAS.

"He's a man after my own heart."
- Heath Robinson, inventor.